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Why Colaw RV Sales is the Right Choice

  • We make it EASY to get rid of your RV fast
  • We take care of all of your title work
  • We get you what you NEED
  • We market nation wide
  • We have 5 full time sales professionals working hard to sell your RV
  • We have a great business Location I-44 Exit 22
  • We offer great financing & warranty options
  • We have the largest used inventory in the 4 states

Customer Review - Rodney Young 08/10/19

I decided to sell my barely used travel trailer while it still had reasonable value, since I just haven’t had enough time to use it to justify the costs. But I didn’t want to deal with the hassles of listings, showings, the transaction itself, etc. I checked with the local location in Texas of a national RV dealer that handles consignments as their afterthought, which will remain unnamed, but isn’t hard to imagine. Not only did they want an upfront fee for a time limited consignment, but they wanted to steal it from me, offering considerably less than half of what I paid for it a year ago, despite being in immaculate condition. So, I decided to search for other consignment options within a reasonable distance and found Consignment RV Sales, near Joplin, MO. They specialize in consignments, keep a lot of units on hand, market aggressively, provide full service, and do all of it in a modern facility with a nice central location on I44. The whole process was no pressure, forthright, and fair, and they got me more than 50% more than the ridiculous insult I was offered locally. If you are thinking consignment, I highly recommend Consignment RV Sales!

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